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Why is your favorite season your favorite season? What is your favorite word and why? What was the most riveting conversation you have ever had?

What is your earliest fear, and what is your most recent? Describe the last time you were awestruck. If a poet were to write about one story from your life, what story would you have them tell? Follow them at andreagibson and andrewgibby Megan Falley authored four collections of poetry before she turned thirty years old. Tell us your answer to prompt 15, What is your favorite word and why? Ready to take things to the next level? Sarah Lin Go.

Sarah handles marketing for art books and stationery at Chronicle Books. You will often find her buying too many stationery products, cracking up about everything, and snacking on Haribo gummies. Naomi April 2, at pm Jejune. Gina April 2, at pm Kerfuffle.

De Silva April 20, at pm I remember the memory of my old days. Catherine July 17, at pm De silva i share my 1st experience with you when i first time wrote one… It felt surreal, something got sparked and i could see myself spread on a paper in the form of ink…. Rach May 6, at pm Very interesting read! I agree with what you wrote here.

30 Love Poems Begging to be Shared

Catherine July 17, at pm De silva we have had similar experience i believe… Poetry has been a love shower since I explored that world…. Leave a Comment. Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Email required.

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Get bookish news, projects, and surprises delivered to your inbox Email Address: First Name:. Meet Our Design Fellows August 6th, June 27th, I really enjoy exploring and immersing myself in something new, and this seemed like the perfect challenge.

My Heart, True Love Poem

It took me a while to get my head around the pronunciations and dialect of Sir Gawain and I had to look up a few guides on the internet for that! I have a relatively long walk to my bus every day to college, and once I understood how to say the lines, I began learning one or so a day by repeating it over and over, adding it onto what I had already learnt. It seemed the best way for me not only to remember it, but to explore different ways of saying it.

2 Deep Poems That Will Touch Your Heart

Yes, definitely. It really makes you focus on what the poet is presenting, as well as adding your own take to them. I think that one of the greatest benefits to my own writing from learning poems is that learning and reciting poems allows you to explore different types of writing, and what types of sounds are good to listen to.

I think the key for me was to keep my body still and ensure my face was what was captivating the audience, from movements of the head to flickering your eyes on preselected lines.

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I think it does depend on the poem, and there are plenty of poems that I think would benefit from more movement, but the ones I had selected allowed me to refine the expression within the poem. It was strange, because reciting poetry has probably been the most nerve-wracking experience I have had! I held my hands together, which seemed to focus my nervous energy.

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I act, and am a real believer of focusing and targeting energy. I also felt that looking individual audience members in the eye acted as though I was facing my nerves, which was probably what made me seem braver!

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It was nothing short of amazing. The whole weekend was incredible, from the competition itself, to the activities in between and the community buzz between competitors.

Broken heart (Poem)

I could not more highly recommend and praise Poetry by Heart , and I hear the same from fellow competitors! Male Female Anonymous. Epistle to Miss Blount, on her leaving the town, after the Coronation. Register For the competition. Login Username Password Forgotten your password? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

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