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The character voices and enemy grunts are nothing too special, but golly that Sumner's Voice that dialogues the course of the gameplay is beyond cool. Now, onto the crucial part: Gameplay. The gameplay in Gauntlet can be argued as mundane and repetitive, and to be honest there really is no variety in the way one plays the game. Sure, there's different classes of characters to choose from, but essentially the way levels are completed is the formula of kill, collect, open, repeat. If that isn't your cup of tea, I would not recommend this game for you.

If however, you find glee in tackling on the challenge of these levels and they do get a little tougher , there's HOURS of gameplay to be found. Add some friends into the mix, and there goes weeks of campaigning to completely rid the Sumner's Tower of evil. It's also true that with a friend or two or three , this game is a LOT more fun and social. Also, there is a story to this game, although it's forgettable and can probably be summarized within a good sentence or two.

If story's a big thing for you in games, then I'm sorry to say that this game disappoints.

This comes down to replayability. If the gameplay tickles your gamer bone, there's months of potential gameplay to be found here. There are 8 starting classes, and quite a good number more of unlockable "mythological" versions of these classes Ex. The warrior class has a complementary unlockable class called the Minotaur.

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I personally love the gameplay, although it's a bit shallow and rough around the edges. Read full review. Thank you! Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Game plays great. Just like I remember playing it almost 20 years ago. Amidst the endless titles from Nentendo's arch rival, the Sony PlayStation 2, there were few titles for the Game Cube that were on par, or worth buying years later.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is one of them.

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With solid hack and slash game play, entertaining puzzles that don't require a bachelor's degree to figure out, tons of power-ups and the ability to save after any level, this is one that I am glad to once again have in my collection. Skip to main content.

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About this product Product Information "Gauntlet Dark Legacy" for Nintendo GameCube brings all of the action of the classic RPG style arcade game into the home with better graphics and improved gameplay. Up to four people can participate. Players battle an onslaught of evil trolls, goblins, and skeletons while playing as a warrior, dwarf, sorceress, jester, or other chosen character. The backstory of the game is steeped in fantasy mythology. In long ago days, a great evil was released into the world by a demon and still exists. Players must gather twelve runestones that have been scattered far and wide.

Only when this quest is completed can the land be free of evil again. Sumner is a good king, and it is for him that players are fighting. He controls the eight realms of his kingdom from his tower. Players are able to enter different worlds from Sumner's tower. Information about the history of each of these worlds is revealed through brief video sequences before the new world is entered.

Dark Legacy

Players have the power to control different professions of everyone in the game. These include archers, warrior, valkyries, and wizards.

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Each profession brings unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, wizards start with strong powers in magic, and archers have fast speed. Each character, regardless of type, holds powers in the areas of armor, speed, strength, and magic. Armor protects and speed enables swift attacks. Strength and magic are both used to damage enemies.

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These attributes are increased as you level up and strengthen your legacy throughout the game. Once a fight has begun, players have several options of how they will conduct their attack. Dark Legacy by Storyteller. Release Me Strength of Valhalla Dark Legacy Uninvited Guest Forever They Shall Kneel God of Gods Upon Your Icy Throne Sancto Spirito Break the Bounds Sands of Time Battle of Yggdrasil Tags Stockholm.

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