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He was pushing trucks before he could crawl. He quickly gravitated to construction and digging and building and trash-hauling toys, and has been playing with them for a solid 4 years and still going. Links may be affiliate links. Please see our disclosure page for more details. The metal Tonka dump truck will last forever and live up to anything they can throw in it or at it.

He actually picked it out for his first birthday! We only recently added the Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck when his grandpa found an old one in a barn, cleaned it up and gave it to him. Not because they break easily they are pretty tough , but because he hoards them. They are his water toys and dirt toys. It was our best babysitter for almost a year. The concept of the show is they follow around these mighty machines doing what they normally do- picking up trash, digging ditches, planting fields, etc. And all of the machines have voices.

When we moved into our RV for our year-long American road trip , we had to scale way back on books, but we were able to pack all of our very favorites. Every one of these made the cut. We have been Anna Dewdney fans since our oldest was a baby when we fell in love with her Llama Llama book series. Sadly , Dewdney passed away in from brain cancer, but her book Little Excavator was already in production and was released in We have plans to hit it up in months when we make our way over to New Jersey.

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Have you been to Diggerland? Any tips? Also, chime in with what YOUR machine-loving kiddo loves! I keep meaning to share it!

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I needed yesterday to be a good day. I imagine that for a lot of us on both sides of the election debate, this week has been a hard one for a lot of reasons. I imagine there are a lot of us who have done a lot of crying. I hate that for everyone. This is simply about hurting. And trying to heal.

And so yesterday I tried to do just that, and everything following in this post is going to be without real substance or serious commentary. Everything from here on out is just pictures of a pretty good day in November, which my heart desperately needed. I heard of Hello Kitty Cafe last year and really wanted to take Leyna to the one in California on our trip over the summer, but that never panned out. So when their PR agency reached out to me about the truck coming to town, I jumped on their offer to take Leyna there.

We were lucky to not have to wait in the line, but I can totally see why some mega HK fans would be fine with hanging out for a couple hours for a chance to get this stuff. Those macarons were supposed to be mine, but the kids ripped into them while I was peeing! At least I have my Hello Kitty coffee mug.

Mighty Machines: Dump Trucks | Curious World

If you want to see if the truck is coming to a city near you, you can check them out on Facebook. After this, it was off to a high school about 30 minutes up the road. Take our money! A wheel loader is a heavy construction machines used to load material into trucks.

Kids go big with Mighty Machines

You can also use it a big powerful dust pan or power scoop. Front loaders can also be used to remove snow in the winter like small snow plows. A tracked excavator which is heavy construction equipment used for demolition, trenching, digging, river drenching and material handling. An excavator is also referred to as a digger. It can dig in hard soil or lift heavy loads. This Mighty Machine has rotating platform called the house. The force required to move the boom and the bucket is provided by hydraulic cylinders.

In certain parts of the world a wheeled excavators are called Rubber Ducks.

A bulldozer is a tracked tractor used to push large volumes of soil, gravel or sand. It can also be used to level large areas. A bulldozer is equipped with a large metal plate also known as a blade. At the rear the bulldozer is equipped with a claw looking fixtures called a ripper. The ripper is used to loosen compacted soil.

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This is by far one of the most useful Mighty Machine on every construction site. There is a bucket car which can easily load or unload it's contents. Let's compare the sizes! Let's see how they run! Let's have some fun! A bulldozer's engine is extremely powerful so that it can also tow very heavy things when necessary.

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