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So Junie and Jake and Poppa and the baby want to go to the lake. But can they make it there in their rattletrap car? The Colour and the Shape is Foo Fighters' second album, but their first as a band the debut record was recorded entirely by Dave Grohl. The album has sold well over 2 million copies and includes their biggest song, ""Everlong. Thou shalt not steal, murder Jefferson Myles embezzles money from the wealthy clients of his securities firm to fund "Operation Stingray," an organization that steals ammunition from military bases to sell to rebels in Honduras.

His greed doesn't stop at the bank, though. Nor covet thy neighbor's wife.

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His beautiful neighbor Linda, with her silky skin and curvaceous hips? Yeah, she's his too. Until her husband, Blake, discovers his secrets -- and winds up dead. This time around Matthew Hope finds himself in southern Florida and in a mess. A woman he's representing is suing a toy manufacturer she says stole her idea. The problem is, the president of the toy company was murdered, and guess who's the prime suspect?

The other problem--or problems--is that Hope's primary private investigator winds up on a boat kidnapped by drug runners leaving Hope, who is still smarting from gunshot wounds he collected in other adventures, to contact Jane and her family have moved to Canada. At first, she imagines her family as a gang of outlaws, riding on horseback in masks, robbing trains, and traveling all the way to Mexico.

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But the reality is different: Setting off by car, they visit the tribe of Native Americans with whom Ned once Giant scorpions. Oversexed vampires. Psychotic werewolves. From Keith Giffen 52, Annihilation and Alan Grant Batman, Lobo comes this hard-hitting sci- fi series with a gritty tone and a brutal anti-hero as the lead! When three of the galaxy's most fearsome criminals escape confinement on a prison planet and wind up on Earth, the authorities have no choice but to free the most wanted man in the universe - Jeremiah Harm - to track these fugitives down and stop them.

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I think they killed one of the girls, so I am getting out before they kill me. A teenage runaway is caught up in a seedy, terrifying underworld. Coereced into making sadistic films which end in violence, even death, Liz is in greater danger than she knows. Haak papers measure 3. The collection is arranged in two series: Personal and Professional. The bulk of the collection chronicles Haak's abiding interest in organizational behavior and career in Included are letter and statement by Guy M.

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Gillette, and some clippings concerned with refusal of Koreans to register as Japanese nationals. Correspondence, clippings, commentaries, and other writing, including texts for the , written by Haan in his role as a Sino-Korean Peoples' League representative. Consists of individual portraits of member of the Haas and Lilienthal families, photographs of weddings, and other family gatherings in Lake Tahoe and on Mount Tamapais , and photographs of the interiors and exteriors of homes owned by members of the The collection consists of a small number of business records of Haas Brothers of San Francisco, including checks, promissory notes , partnership agreement and dissolution documents, and materials relating to Haas Brothers' investments in the North American Navigation Company , Charles Edmund Haas was a clerk in the U.

State Department , Los Angeles deputy city attorney , deputy county counsel , judge, Los Angeles Municipal Court and later a presiding judge , Los Angeles Superior Court. Contains correspondence, personal and family papers, providing an intimate account of several generations of this distinguished San Francisco family. The bulk of the collection dates from to , and focuses on the immediate family of Elise and Walter A The collection also contains circa negatives, and circa 65 postcards, drawings, manuscripts, slides and other miscellaneous items. Compiled by Elise This collection is part of a larger collection of papers housed at the Mrs.

Haas had designated that these materials go to the. The collection contains mostly materials concerning with one music manuscript by. Most of the materials The collection consists primarily of family correspondence; two letters, dated , from Jacob Haas, in Reckendorf, Bavaria, to his brother, William, in San Francisco, concerning business matters; a letter from Kalman Haas, dated , in Reckendorf, to Meyers Schloss Brothers, Robert Bartlett Haas b.

Bartlett was a lawyer , an anti-slavery preacher in Indianapolis , an itinerant preacher in the California John Haase b. He also contributed to dental journals and Correspondence, speeches and writings, printed matter, photographs, slides, and memorabilia relating to economic theory, and especially to laissez-faire economics and associated concepts of liberty.

Campaign speeches by members of various political parties during the general election in Spain, June He received his BS from Columbia University. Before World War II he owned and Includes views of the courtyard and balconies. Views of the Hearst ranch in Pleasanton, Calif.

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Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, books, business records, clippings, legal papers, scrapbooks, photo albums, ephemera, and realia. The Hackett family immigrated to San Francisco in , when James Alexander Hackett along with his wife, Alice, and daughter, Sadie, came to San Francisco in search of employment at the advice of his first cousin, Charles Calvin Petty, a The Joan Hackett collection spans the years and encompasses 1. The collection covers Hackett's career in films, television, and stage, but the coverage is not complete and consists primarily of publicity clippings, with a few scripts, memos, The collection contains calendars and directories; correspondence, which includes letters from Henrietta Szold, Florence Prag Kahn, and Marvin Lowenthal; brochures; newsletters; programs; memos of the Hadassah Central Committee that document the organization's work ; booklets of the Medical Organization of Also includes letters collected by Miss Hardy.

The collection contains files correspondence, financial and tax records, clippings, notes, website printouts, brochures, newsletters, mailings and other promotional literature assembled by Hadden, relating to various religious groups and leaders, mainly televangelists such Jim Bakker PTL , Jerry Falwell, and Pat The collection began with a fragile scrapbook containing cutout Bible studies from The Christian Fundamentals Magazine. This collection contains the professional records of Stanley Hadden, the former legislative aide to California State Senator David Roberti.

The bulk of this collection is from to Collection includes research notes and notebooks some during his graduate student years , ; class lectures, syllabi, and related materials, primarily from his Hopkins Marine Station classes, ; a few correspondence files, ; and correspondence, memoranda, minutes, financial records, and other A collection of 79 drawings and paintings from contemporary architect, Zaha Hadid b.

There are 32 ink drawings and 47 acrylic paintings, Contains files, notes, notebooks, a scrapbook of an appreciation dinner for Hadley Roff held in containing photographs and correspondence, and a VHS videocassette recording of the same event, etc. The collection contains notes, interviews, correspondence, pamphlets and other materials used by John Hadsell to write. John Winthrop Haeger is the author of three books and dozens of articles on wine. His papers include correspondence, publications, and research files related to his writing, as well as menus and photographs.

Correspondence and newspaper issues, relating to political conditions and the socialist movement in Germany and to the role of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands in World War I. Speeches and writings, correspondence, curricular materials, and printed matter, relating to economic conditions and especially to tax policy, primarily in the United States. The materials consist of Haertel's correspondence and memoranda, chronological files, and some teaching files This collection consists of reader surveys from two H.

The Hagan Papers contain writings, teaching files including class lecture notes and background materials, as well as subject files which contain materials Materials consist of largely of correspondence with and documents by or related to Erich Fromm and David Riesman, including book reivews, articles, newspaper clippings, teaching notes, and more. Also includes documents related to the Committee of Correspondence and the Committee All items are photocopies.

The collection Scripts, journals, correspondence, flyers, programs, press releases, reviews, research materials, photographic negatives, publicity stills, and other materials, to , relating to playwright Jeff Hagedorn, his production company, SYZYGY, and his internationally produced theatrical works and video productions.

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The Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn Papers, , consist of drafts of her works, public relations materials, contracts and agreements, notes, and correspondence. The materials relate to her major or minor works, or are directly relevant to Jessica Hagedorn's career as a Diary entries by George Michael Hagelstein documenting his trip to California in Cutler; included are study guides and a bibliography. This collection contains correspondence, press clippings, and other material regarding Edward R.

Includes articles written by Hagemann, correspondence between Hagemann and other Traven researchers, a number of Traven short stories typescripts , and works by other Edward R. The collection consists of typescript, proof sheets, and galleys for Hagemann's c. Hagemann b. His published works include c and The collection consists of 15 boxes of files relating to detective fiction, titles of books and journals principally relating to detective The Johan Hagemeyer Photograph Collection comprises the bulk of what was the photographer's personal archive at the time of his death in The collection contains approximately 6, photographic prints and negatives, and spans from his earliest known amateur work The collection consists of manuscript and reproduction scores for music composed by Earle Hagen for television productions, including I Spy, and Mod Squad.

The Paul E. Hagen research materials on the Oakland Estuary, circa 's, bulk SAFR , HDC is comprised primarily of data sheets, clippings, notes and photographs of vessels residing in the Oakland Estuary. In addition there are photographs, This collection of photographs consist of 2 postcards, 5 small photographic prints related to Sigurd Hagen. This collection contains 12 correspondence written by Sergeant William "Bill" F. Hagerty to his family during the Vietnam War. Hahn was a professor of political science, psychiatry, and behavioral Copies of publications by Santa Barbara author Hahn, on the internet, computer programming, and related subjects.

The collection includes press clippings, press releases, Hahn's mayoral files, budget books, business Kenneth Hahn was a former Los Angeles County Supervisor and Los Angeles City Councilman who served for over 40 years, making him the longest serving elected official in California's history. The collection contains materials about Hahn's life and passing, including The materials in the collection supply a picture of the growth of an internationally successful company through the period of the Great Depression, as well as the development of the machines important to the farmers and developers in California and Photographs show drawings of designs for totem poles.

Collection is accompanied by the following information: "Totem poles representing the family history and the mythology of the tribe of 'Haida' Indians on Queen Charlotte Island, B. Also their places and modes The materials of Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. Nineteen letters from San Francisco lawyer, George W. Haight to A.

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Smith in Grand Junction, Colorado, dated - Taylor, G. Fifteen are Mainly photocopies of fliers, broadsides, poetry, manifestos, and other printed material distributed in the community, the bulk of which was printed by the Communications Company, a group created by several writers and Diggers; together with several issues of Free City The collection primarily contains handbills, flyers, and posters of cultural and political activities in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco in Manuscript haiku collections, most with accompanying letters sent to Elizabeth Searle Lamb by John Polozzolo Zolo during All are untitled.

Some typescript and some holograph; some illustrated by author.

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One hundred seventy-five boxes were prepared and distributed. The collection consists of John Brandi's working papers relating to his haiku publications. This material was organized by Brandi and his content notes for each folder have been retained. Each folder pertains to one publication and includes items associated with Henderson and Leroy Kanterman in This nonprofit organization promotes English language haiku and is open to all who appreciate this form.

The collection contains materials related to William Nicholas Hailmann was a leading exponent of the doctrine of Froebel in early childhood education. He was the director of the German-American Academies and Milwaukee and the German-American Seminary in Detroit , served as superintendent of The Haines, Evans, and Merrell Families were all related. The collection consists of the Civil War diaries of John H.

Merrell, and miscellaneous personal correspondence and ephemera of the Haines and Evans families, mostly letters to Sarah Elizabeth Haines Evans. Portraits and snapshots of friends, associates and colleagues; many relating to librarianship and the American Library Association ALA.