Le roi au masque dor (French Edition)

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October 27, See All. Euro ! These contributions by writers like Bernard Lazare and Marcel Schwob are being celebrated only now, with new editions and reprints. It turns out that Lazare was more of a Symbolist and Schwob more of a politically aware activist than was previously thought by admirers of either writer. Later, Lazare became so involved in a personal and social quest for justice in the Dreyfus Affair that he abandoned writing fiction and focused all his attentions on the struggle against antisemitism.

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Lazare was the public combatant par excellence, but another leading Jewish Symbolist of the day was, at least ostensibly, a shadowy figure haunting libraries and bookstores. The descendent of a long line of rabbis, Schwob could be dismissive, as was Lazare, of Jews who he felt were insufficiently intellectual on the one hand or too materialistic on the other.

If you can envision a God who is not made in your likeness, and divine speech which differs from your speech, just imagine God speaking to you: in which case, the universe is his language. It is unnecessary for him to speak to us. It is abominable and foul. Home Finding Rabbis and Wandering Jews.

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