Thank You, God!: A Jewish Childs Book of Prayers (Jewish Values)

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The pages may be displayed individually or bound together as a class book. In this multicultural version of the traditional song, children from cultures all over the world clap their hands, stomp their feet, pat their heads, and much more.

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Have the students sing and dance along. Supply the listening center with All the World audio, along with a copy of the book so that the children may read along and encourage them to listen for words that rhyme. After listening, challenge students to come up with their own pairs of rhyming words.

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As appropriate, expand this activity. For example, guide students as they use the rhyme pairs they suggested at the end of sentences to form couplets. Follow up by making bird feeders. Mix one part oatmeal and one part shortening and spread on pinecones. Roll the pinecones in birdseed and hang from a tree. As the students build castles and moats, help them to identify the shapes being used.

During this experience, encourage students to describe their feelings as they encounter amazing things.

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Interact with the students as they collect their objects. Make comments and ask questions about the qualities of their found materials. For example, discuss shapes, colors, textures, smells, and what the students think of when they look at the objects. Combine all the collected materials and place them in the center. Ask the students what they see, looking for similarities and differences in the items. Help the students form categories for sorting the materials for example, by size, color, shape, texture, etc.

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Have them sort the collected objects into piles and make a label describing each category. The labeled materials may then be displayed in the science center. Have the students invent names for their objects for example, Feather Franny, Lou the Leaf, Tinkerbell, etc. Ask students to think about all the things, people, and places in their lives that make them happy.

I feel great, I feel grateful! In this tune, each student takes a turn completing a line. When you sing it in your community, add lines to the pre-chorus so that more people can participate in suggesting reasons to say thank you. This tunes lends itself easily to presentations. G-d made all creation, Said this is very good. More than using manners, Bigger than being polite, Living a truly grateful way Will help you sleep at night. Tell the parents that you are making a class book on the theme and would like them to participate in the project by working with their child at home.

Ask parents to discuss with their child what brings their family happiness and then, together with their child, make a collage on the cardstock depicting those places, events, or activities.

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They may use photos, magazine clippings, stickers, drawings, etc. When the collages are returned, slip them into plastic page protectors and bind them in a three-ring notebook. For Parents!

An intro to Hakarat Hatov. Explore A Category: Values. Advanced respect , purim , book , world , Songs , brontorina , grateful , materials , justice , early childhood , Recent Search history. Teaching Strategies. Book Units. Book Title: All the World. Author: Liz Garton Scanlon.

Illustrator: Marla Frazee.

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Topic s Addressed: A warm story of family and friends highlights the importance of contentment and gratitude. Jewish every day Incorporate Jewish Values more At morning meetings, invite students to share a new thing each day that makes them feel happy. Ask the following questions: What are the children building at the beach?

What does the girl find? Explain that some words may have multiple meanings. What does bed mean in the story? What does crown mean? How are they similar? Where would you go if you could fly like a bird? What do you like to do on rainy days? Look at the picture of the people listening to or making music. What musical instruments do you see in the picture? If this were your family gathering, which person would you be in the picture? After The Story Give the students time to share personal connections they made with the story. Procedure more. Science, Nature.

A big crowd piled into an old station wagon and came up from Virginia to visit their relatives one summer. Lee A little apple tree in a forest of oaks begs G-d for stars like those glimmering on the branches of the great oak trees beside her. Because they were so crowded, the children often fought and the man and his wife argued. He ran to the Rabbi for help. In his little hut, silly calamity follows foolish catastrophe, all memorably depicted in full-color illustrations that are both funnier and lovelier than any this distinguished artist has done in the past.

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