The Statement for TOKYU Land Corporation Fraud 3 (Japanese Edition)

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Corporate Advisory Services. Chuo Mitsui provides its corporate clients with a variety of advisory services in areas including the formation and execution of financial strategies, corporate restructuring and revitalization plans and the establishment of business succession plans. Chuo Mitsui provides an array of financing and advisory services relating to merger and acquisition transactions, as well as corporate restructuring and revitalization schemes.

Chuo Mitsui assists companies in reducing their balance sheets and enhancing liquidity through securitization of assets. Chuo Mitsui provides comprehensive advisory and administrative services to allow its corporate clients to place their corporate accounts receivable, bills of exchange and other receivables into trust.

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Once receivables have been placed in trust, Chuo Mitsui arranges the sale of interests in the trust to investors. Corporate Bond Administrative Services. Chuo Mitsui has accumulated years of experience and know-how in providing bond trustee and fiscal agent services to its corporate clients in connection with domestic corporate bond issuances. Corporate Business Matching Services. Chuo Mitsui has also focused its efforts in recent years on increasing the revenue contribution of its business-matching services, in which Chuo Mitsui introduces clients to potential business partners that can enlarge their marketing channels and provide outsourcing assistance.

Chuo Mitsui invests in JGBs, foreign government bonds, Japanese stocks, and other market-risk-related securities which include investments in foreign and domestic investment trusts, domestic residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, domestic and foreign buyout and other funds and domestic real estate equity investments. In addition, Chuo Mitsui transacts in various kinds of derivative products, such as interest rate swaps and foreign currency transactions, for hedging or trading purposes.

Real Estate Operations Business. Chuo Mitsui provides real estate brokerage services and also provides services to help clients identify and evaluate potential investment properties, including appraisal services. Chuo Mitsui keeps its corporate clients informed of available properties and current market conditions through its real estate information network, in cooperation with a number of real estate companies. With its deep and broad experience in the real estate industry, we believe Chuo Mitsui is well positioned to provide real estate fund managers with brokerage and an array of related services as they assemble their portfolios of properties at the time of formation and as they dispose of and purchase additional properties during the lives of their funds.

Chuo Mitsui is also involved in the planning and development of J-REITs designed to meet the investing needs of pension funds and other institutional investors. Chuo Mitsui offers advanced financial techniques, based on the know-how and track record it has obtained through both its financing and real estate operations businesses, in order to securitize real estate properties. Chuo Mitsui believes it is a pioneer in the real estate asset financing market in Japan.

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Based on its expertise from the financing and real estate-related businesses, Chuo Mitsui uses stringent and conservative valuation techniques when monitoring collateral properties for financings. Stock Transfer Agency Services. Chuo Mitsui also provides execution services for stock-related transactions such as recapitalizations, stock splits and corporate restructuring-related transactions such as statutory share transfers, statutory share exchanges and corporate splits. Chuo Mitsui also provides stock transfer agency clients with an array of corporate advisory and consultation services related to investor relations activities, including those targeting foreign investors.

Chuo Mitsui employs staff who specialize in providing advisory services to corporate clients considering initial public offerings, and offers other consulting services including seminars, informational forums and periodical publications designed to keep clients informed of changes to the Companies Act and the FIEA that could affect their businesses. The stock transfer agency business of Chuo Mitsui has been a reliable source of fee income, and CMTH seeks to further grow this business by drawing on the trust agency agreements Chuo Mitsui has entered into with SMBC, Tokai Tokyo Securities and a number of regional Japanese banks, under which each agent refers to Chuo Mitsui potential clients for its stock transfer agency services.

Trust Services and Business. As described above, Chuo Mitsui offers saving-type trust products to individual clients. In addition, Chuo Mitsui offers a variety of trust products tailored to the investment and asset management needs of its individual and corporate clients. For example, trust products used by corporate clients of Chuo Mitsui include the following:. Composite Trusts. Composite trusts are trusts in which the trust property consists of more than one type of asset.

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Composite trusts may be discretionary trusts or nondiscretionary trusts. The majority of the composite trusts administered by Chuo Mitsui consist of real estate-managed trusts employed in connection with real estate securitization structures. Table of Contents Money Trusts. Generally, entrustments of money that are required at maturity to return assets to the client in money are categorized as money trusts.

Money trusts invest in various kinds of securities including bonds and stocks. Jointly Operated Designated Money Trusts. JOMTs are savings vehicles in the form of open-ended trusts. JOMTs are offered in a number of contract maturities, from one year to five years or more. Beneficiaries of almost all JOMTs are paid a fixed-rate dividend.

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JOMT funds are jointly managed pursuant to general guidelines set forth in the trust agreement. Independently Operated Designated Money Trusts.

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Assets entrusted to an independently operated designated money trust are segregated from other entrusted funds and are managed by Chuo Mitsui pursuant to guidelines established by the person that has entrusted the funds. Other Types of Trusts. These other types of trusts include those described below. Real Estate in Trust. Property Formation Benefit Trusts.

Property formation benefit trusts are specialized savings plans provided by a company to its employees to enable them to save for the purchase of a house, for retirement or for other purposes. Money Claims in Trust. As described above, money claims in trust are vehicles that provide clients with asset-backed securitization products such as sales credit trusts and billing credit trusts. Loan Facilitation. In response to legislation passed in November intended to lessen some of the effects of the global economic downturn, and to fulfill its social role as a lender, Chuo Mitsui has taken a number of steps to facilitate financing to individual clients and SME clients having difficulties owing to the recent business environment.

In particular, Chuo Mitsui has appointed staff at its branches who are responsible for quickly responding to consultation requests by individual and SME borrowers about the terms of their loans and, in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, to help them with management issues. Chuo Mitsui has also established a team in its headquarters responsible for overseeing and coordinating branch efforts to facilitate financing for clients.

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Chuo Mitsui has created a horizontal structure within its headquarters that includes the heads of its risk management and other departments in order to facilitate the flow of information and assess its response to client needs on a company-wide basis. The following table shows the relationship between three business categories and product lines of Chuo Mitsui Asset. Trust Asset Management Business.

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Chuo Mitsui Asset offers a diverse selection of asset management products, including actively managed and passively managed funds targeting both domestic and foreign investments. Chuo Mitsui Asset is one of the largest managers of passively managed funds in Japan. Chuo Mitsui Asset also provides hedge funds, real estate funds, private equity funds and other alternative investment funds.

Chuo Mitsui Asset also provides Chuo Mitsui Asset Management and other institutional investors with investment advisory services in connection with its trust asset management business. In recent years Chuo Mitsui Asset has been promoting among overseas institutional investors sales of Japanese stock funds, provision of advisory services mainly related to Japanese stock investments and its other services. Trust Asset Administration Business.

Chuo Mitsui Asset also provides services beyond the standard menu of administrative services, such as securities lending, transition management and information management services, including integrated presentation of trust asset administration results. Table of Contents Chuo Mitsui Asset provides trust asset administration clients, such as pension funds and other institutional investors, with online access to master record-keeping services that provide timely, integrated data regarding their assets.

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Chuo Mitsui Asset also offers transition management services to clients that are replacing asset management companies, changing the allocation of assets within a fund or making other significant changes to a fund. Chuo Mitsui Asset provides such clients with consultation and advisory services, consolidates the administrative operations involved in any transition of assets and manages the overall transition process to help minimize associated costs and risks. Pension Management Business. In its capacity as a provider of pension management services, Chuo Mitsui Asset offers system and contract administration services, actuarial calculations and member and beneficiary maintenance services to corporate clients in all industry sectors, from large corporations to SMEs.

Chuo Mitsui Asset provides these services on behalf of defined-benefit type pension plans and defined-contribution type pension plans. The tax-qualified pension plan system will be abolished by law in March , and companies will have to adopt other pension plans. Chuo Mitsui Asset will strengthen its consultation ability to support companies in their transition to a defined benefit corporate pension plan or defined contribution pension plan, and strive to ensure a smooth and orderly shift.

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Chuo Mitsui Asset offers a number of trust products designed to suit the investment and asset management needs of institutional investors. Chuo Mitsui Asset does not guarantee the principal of any of the trusts that it administers. Chuo Mitsui Asset derives revenues from its trust business primarily from trust fees. Most of the fees derived from trusts administered by Chuo Mitsui Asset are calculated based principally on the value of the assets in trust. Fee percentages typically are higher for discretionary trusts than for nondiscretionary trusts.