Vivencias Diarias con el Espíritu Santo: Tu Evangelio Hoy (Italian Edition)

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Podemos esconder nuestra luz, viviendo como el mundo. Una tercera forma, voy avanzando, aunque no lo crean. Usted sabe que el Evangelio tiene unos distintivos que son escandalosos, que son conflictivos, que chocan lo que acabamos de decir hace un tiempo. Eso es otra mentira del diablo. El Reino de los Cielos avanza violentamente y los violentos son los que lo arrebatan. No podemos ser agradables al mundo, nunca lo vamos a ser. No escondamos nuestra luz tratando de aculturarnos al mundo.

Es imposible.

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No podemos esconder la luz del Evangelio, sino que tenemos que mostrar la excelencia. Dondequiera que usted camina el Evangelio va con usted, la luz del Evangelio va con usted. Esa es la luz de Cristo en usted, la luz del Evangelio. Usted lleva los valores del Evangelio, no esconda esa luz. No deje que esa luz deje de brillar.

Hay un gran compromiso que tenemos Vosotros sois la luz del mundo, nosotros somos la luz del mundo. Tenemos los valores del Reino de Dios, hermanos, de una humanidad redimida, un sistema nuevo, una sociedad nueva, diferente dentro de nosotros.

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Lo que falta es que lo creamos y que comencemos a vivirlo y que paguemos el precio para que se haga una realidad en nuestras vidas, que tomemos conciencia. Ya la luz de Cristo te alumbra dondequiera que tu vas y tu eres un embajador, una embajadora del Reino de Dios. No le robes al mundo el privilegio de conocer a Jesucristo y no te robes a ti mismo el privilegio de ser un portador de la luz del Evangelio.

No escondas tu luz. No vivas con el mundo adoptando sus valores.

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Tu eres portador de la luz del Evangelio. Para ser una ciudad puesta sobre un monte, para ser una luz puesta sobre el candelero, para ser un cocuyo espiritual, para ser un portador de la luz. Tu eres luz. Dite a ti mismo, yo soy luz, yo soy luz, yo tengo la luz de Cristo. Haznos luz en medio de las tinieblas. Oh, Dios, queremos ser luz, queremos ser vida. Queremos que tu nombre sea glorificado, por medio de la luz del Evangelio en nosotros. Si cada cristiano se activa como un conquistador, un testigo, una luz ambulante, el mundo va a ser conquistado.

Amen y amen. I want to flow with that theme so I changed and I believe this is a spirit lead my topic and I want to…..

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So, chapter 8 of Romans stands in my mind as the essential document, if you will, of the assurance of every believer, the foundation that we have of confidence in the Lord, in our calling as believers. I remember that the last time I preached, 3, 4 weeks ago, it was on the subject of the prodigal son and I would call it really the merciful father, the forgiving father. And he has his speech all prepared and to his surprise, his father not only receives him, but really runs to him and catches up to him and welcomes him with open arms and gives him a regal reception and restores him to his previous state of dignity and ownership of the home.

You know, what better illustration of the love of God and of the grace that founds the relation that we have with Jesus Christ. But of course that understanding many times fails us and the circumstances of life, the daily struggles that we face, the sinfulness in ourselves, the conflicts that we face in our life, the times that we offend God, not only once, but time and time again, and the struggles that we have and you know, the vicissitudes of life and the frailty of the whole human journey and pilgrimage, makes us doubt many times.

How many times can God forgive me?

And can I make it? The Bible speaks of the Christian journey being like a race many times and of course a race presupposes that there may be losers and there may be winners. It is a journey of struggle, it is a journey of warfare. There are enemies that are out to destroy us. The devil and the demonic want to trip us in our walk and our own sinful nature also. You know, will I make it? Will I make it to the end? Because he did, and towards the ends of his life, the last few months of his life, after being here and having really finally connected with the Lord, I think that he had known the Lord many years before even coming to the church and you know, he had a time of victory over his addiction, and he had contracted some diseases because of his long life of addiction.

And you know, he was here, he was victorious, he was coming to the church, he loved the Lord, served the Lord and then towards the ends of his life he backslid and really sort of gave up in a sense, the struggle, and fell again into usage of drugs. And you know, he never completely lost touch with the church, I mean, he had the care of Sam and Greg Bishop, associate pastors who loved him and we tried to get him into a home and so on and so forth, but he was struggling.

As I understand he did confess that he believed in the Lord, it was a difficult thing, frustrating for us many times as we tried to get him to get back on track. And for us, we did struggle sometimes about, what happened to him? Where did he end up? Some people might say, well, was he saved? Did he make it? Did he finally, did God have mercy on him at the last minute of his life? Was he able to call out for Jesus Christ before his last breath?

So, this idea of frailty about the Christian pilgrimage, the Christian walk. I mean, the rest of the frame is filled with just rays of light emanating from the cross. You know, we struggle in life with so many things, we have so many you know, people who deal with addictions, we deal with mental bondages that we have, habits that we hold. The Bible says that the blood of Christ cleanses us, washes us from all of our sins and it is a constant thing. That cross had been lying there hidden, in that painting for a long time and God chose to remind us before we came back and found out that he had died.

But this is really…. We can come back into the text now, I think with a better understanding of it.

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Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus because through Christ Jesus the law of the spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death…. I mean, we could spend hours talking about what it is….. You know, we sin as a byproduct, just as we sweat, we sin. It means not trusting in your own righteousness, your own works, your own justice, but believing and choosing to believing and holding on to the belief against, even your own nature, that sometimes pushes you to believe the contrary, that what Christ did on the cross is imputed to you, is assigned to you, that you can draw value from what Jesus Christ did on the cross and that that blood and the power of the blood, and the value of that blood covers you.

It means to ground yourself in Christ.

It means to tie yourself to Christ like a man, for example, who is being pushed by the winds of a hurricane and ties a rope to himself and then ties himself to some column of some sort and just holds on to that column and the wind will through itself against him and try to wrestle him from that column, but he remains yoked to it. It is no so much necessarily that you may live a perfect life, that you may make no mistakes, that you do everything right, that you think everything right.

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I believe that they are in Christ, I believe that as long that they have that agony inside of them, that struggle, that desire to serve the Lord, to please him even if sometimes they may fall, they are in Christ. They are covered by the blood. That is not, I insist, to say that we can go around doing whatever we please, because precisely what I see is that struggle, it is that understanding. I think as long as there is that, we can say, I am in Christ, I am covered by his blood.

In other words, that means, be in control, means that your are possessed, you are fully under the command of the sinful nature and I think many people are like that. They have made peace with their condition. So, they do evil without any kind of conflict, any kind of desire to struggle against it, any kind of rebellion against the sin. They are controlled by it. But when Christ comes into your life, then you are given the power to rebel against sin.